Senior Leadership Team (SLT)

Mrs M Lathbury-Cox Mrs M Lathbury-Cox Headteacher
Mrs M Lathbury-Cox Mrs M Lathbury-Cox Headteacher
Mrs N Shipley Mrs N Shipley Deputy Headteacher



Mrs L Smith Mrs L Smith Assistant Headteacher - SENCO





Mrs L Wood-Teacher

Mrs H Pugh- Early years practitioner

Miss J Jones-LSA

Miss H Mahmood-LSA

Mr N Hussain- LSA


Miss L Turley- Teacher/EYFS Phase Leader

Mrs J Whittington-Teacher

Mrs E Pike- Teacher/Phonics Intervention

Mrs N Abbas-LSA

Mrs A Gumber-LSA

Miss A Hughes- 1 to 1 LSA


Key Stage One Team

Year One

Miss H Thorpe-Teacher

Mrs S Nasir-Teacher

Mrs D Mercer-LSA

Mrs D Chatha-LSA

Mrs Z Manaf-LSA

Miss S Banks- 1 to 1 LSA

Year Two

Mrs E Bayliss-Teacher

Mrs L Peatroy-Teacher

Mrs J Kaur-HLTA

Miss N Akhtar-LSA


Key stage two team

Year Three

Mrs K Ray-Teacher

Mrs W Clifft- Teacher

Mrs M Goode- LSA

Mr N Hussain-LSA

Year Four

Mr K Palmer-Teacher

Mr A Thickett-Teacher

Mrs S Lateef-Hussain- LSA

Mrs K Woodward-HLTA


Year Five

Mrs P Beresford-Teacher

Mr R Farley-Teacher

Mrs L Hughes-LSA

Mrs K Seager-LSA

Year Six

Mrs M Slawinski-Teacher/Phase Leader

Mrs H Lowbridge-Teacher

Mrs J Hall-LSA

Mrs W Sweet-LSA

Mrs L Goodes-HLTA


Additional Staff

Forest School

Mrs K Read-Teacher

Mrs D Gould-HLTA

Safeguarding Team

Mrs L Bracey

Mrs A Southall

Sports Coach

Mr D Beck


Mrs J Hammond

Mrs D Johnston

Lunch Staff/other

Lisa Cope – Lunchtime Supervisor
Gayle Cross – Lunchtime Supervisor
Karen Currey – Lunchtime Supervisor
Marie Goode – Principal Supervisor
Tracy Keates – Lunchtime Supervisor/ Cleaner
Sadie Oduye – Lunchtime Supervisor / Cleaner
Valarie Davis- Lunchtime Supervisor / Cleaner
Stacey Jones– Lunchtime Supervisor
Symah Hussain – Lunchtime Supervisor
Claire Bowater – Kitchen Assistant
Leanne Clarke – Kitchen Assistant / Cleaner
Donna Bayliss – Cook in Charge
Ivy Skitt – Kitchen Assistant
Ros Worrallo – Kitchen Assistant
Reg Pearce – Site Supervisor

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