Our goal is to create a curriculum, which engages pupils and equips them with the skills and knowledge for life in modern Britain.


We ensure that the fundamental British Values are introduced, discussed and lived out through our own ‘vision and values’ and E-ACTs core principles, which infuses the ethos and work of the Academy. All curriculum areas provide a vehicle for furthering the understanding of these concepts and, in particular Humanities, RE and PSHE. This provides excellent opportunities to deepen and develop understanding. Children embrace these concepts with enthusiasm and demonstrate a good understanding of their application to their own lives.


Reedswood makes considerable effort to ensure children have exposure to a wide experience both within and beyond their own local community – during which these concepts are explored. For example: visits to the local places of worship; elaborating and embracing different cultures through Humanities lessons; participating in a wide range of sporting events; maintaining our local allotment and through regular assemblies.


British Value



Mutual Respect and the Tolerance of those with difference Faiths and Beliefs.Our vision and values

E-Acts Values

SMSC links to each and every topic

PSHE planning and work

Assembly timetable

Class assembles

RE celebration days

British values day .

Links with local places of worship

Links with Walsall college and meeting local religious leaders (yr5)

Cultural and PHSE displays.

Celebration Assemblies

Green flag award
Children can articulate why respect is important; how they show respect to others

Children can express positive feelings about themselves, the school and the local community
Children's behaviour demonstrates their good understanding of this value in action. And can discuss Reedswood’s Vision and core values.

Children are able to talk about the different faiths and cultures, which they learnt about.

They can ask questions and show tolerance and respect for others of different faiths and religions.

All children have engaged in learning about faiths and beliefs different to their own.
DemocracyHead boy and girl

School Council meetings

Leadership meetings and pupil SEF

Eco council meetings and assemblies

RE & PSHE lessons planning and workbooks.

School behavior rules (created by the children)

Learning Walks.

Debate sessions within literacy and language

SMSC linked to each topic taught

Celebration Assembly

Class and teacher led assemblies

Links and events with the local Mayor
Children are able to work co-operatively in pairs, in groups and in whole class situations.

From an early age they understand about turn taking and respecting the views of others.

Children are given opportunities to express themselves

Children work well together in a range of sporting events
Rule of LawSchool behavior (cloud) system

Reward system

Reflection time

PSHE lessons.

School council meeting

Eco council meetings

Links with the local police

Completing the A* Stars program .

RE and PSHE planning and work books.

Clear attendance policy

Celebration, SLT and class Assemblies
Behaviour is good/outstanding across the school

Children are able to articulate how and why we need to behave in school and demonstrate they understand and can abide by these.

Children behavior outstandingly when on class trips out of school both in and outside of the school day

During the last 3 academic years no children have been permanently excluded from school
Respect for Self and others.RE and PSHE Lesson plans and workbooks

Circle times and talking snack time in EYFS

Assembly themes

Record and Photos of Charity Work, Red nose day, Harvest Festival, support the local hospital who is caring for a student.

SMSC across the whole curriculum

Links with the NHS

Schools vision and values

Mental health display
Children understand about the importance of accepting responsibility
Children’s opinions are valued and sort after regularly

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