Computing Curriculum 2020 – 2021


To deliver a progressive curriculum in computing, which ensures the National Curriculum objectives are covered. The sequence of lessons will develop from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 2, where the same National Curriculum objectives will be followed in each year group but different activities will require a different level of understanding and skill. Across the key stages, new programs will be used with growing skill level and more independent thought will be required.


Online Safety


The intention of our Online Safety curriculum is to ensure that all children have the tools and methods they need to use computer technology and the internet safely. Online Safety is an imperative part of our curriculum at Reedswood and we aim to ensure that each and every lesson of Computing features some element of E-Safety. We will link our lessons to important strategies and topics, which are prevalent within our school. Our curriculum follows the key internet safety pillars within the Google Be Internet Legends scheme of work. We aim to ‘Think Before You Share (Be Internet Sharp), Check it’s For Real (Be Internet Alert), Protect Your Stuff (Be Internet Secure), Respect Each Other (Be Internet Kind) and When in Doubt, Discuss (Be Internet Brave). Along with this, we will implement lessons from Common Sense Education, which will cover and reinforce strategies.




Once the Computing curriculum resumes in Autumn 2, each week the children should receive a 45-minute lesson. We use a range of programs to implement the curriculum such as Barefoot Computing, Scratch, Primary Computing, Purple Mash 2Code, Common Sense Education and Google Be Internet Legends. The curriculum follows in the order of the National Curriculum Objectives and each term we focus on a particular objective. However, some lessons are adaptive and will connect to other parts of the curriculum. For example, the coding lessons provide key links to other lessons and various objectives can be covered within one lesson. There are also specific activities relating to each separate area of the National Curriculum objectives. We teach in this way to ensure we have complete coverage and progression of the curriculum and there are opportunities to revisit, apply and enhance previous and new areas of the curriculum.


Online Safety


Once the Computing curriculum resumes in Autumn 2, each week the children should receive a 45-minute lesson. At the beginning of these Computing lessons, staff will revisit the common themes and pillars relating to the Google Be Internet Legends resource to reinforce the importance of Online Safety and what strategies the children can use to protect themselves online. Along with this, we will take these opportunities to further educate the children regarding current and relevant issues in the community or the academy. In doing this, we ensure that the teaching and discussion of E-Safety remains a key part of the children’s education and that they are aware of what to do if they need help online. Along with these regular revisions, there will also be a dedicated lesson to E-Safety, where staff will use curriculum resources from Common Sense Education and Google Be Internet Legends. This will ensure the complete coverage of the curriculum. The activities that have been provided are engaging and informative and will allow the children to develop greater confidence to stay safe online.  Furthermore, children should record their learning either in their PSHE books or on an online platform such as Google Classroom or Seesaw depending upon the task.




As we continue to implement this curriculum in this manner, the children will enhance their understanding of the skills involved in coding year by year. We will develop new skills, recall past skills and progress their knowledge to apply and tackle independent tasks. The children will also explore and discuss more age-appropriate issues in the E-Safety element as they progress. The way the curriculum has been developed is so the current teacher can see what they should have covered last year. This way they will be able to revisit any area where necessary to ensure they have full understanding before moving on. staff will ensure children use the correct vocabulary needed in each lesson and will assess understanding at the end and beginning of lessons. Seesaw should be used to explain what they have learnt using the appropriate vocabulary and is a key way to record the children’s learning and assess their understanding. When using Purple Mash, children will be able to record and save their work and teachers will be able to assess their understanding of the task.


Online Safety


Throughout the year, as the curriculum is delivered, children will enhance their skills and understanding of how to be safe online. The children will be able to share the five safety pillars and how the messages within support them in real life situations. Children will explore age-appropriate issues as they progress through the curriculum and key topics will be regularly revisited. Ultimately, our goal is to ensure that children become safe, confident users of the internet and are able to see the many positive benefits of its use.


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