We believe that the skills learnt through the arts play a key role in developing the overall skills and interests of each child, ensuring they leave Reedswood a well-rounded citizen.

Music and art

We employ a music specialist to teach across all year groups once a week.

This enables children to:

  • develop a love of music
  • learn a toned musical instrument
  • create and take part in musical performances
  • sing as part of a group

We also put every child forward for Royal College of London recognition.

Our pupils showcase their music ability to parents/carers through termly musical celebration assemblies.

We are always looking for opportunities where our pupils can work with professionals to further develop their skills, such as specialist painting and sculpture sessions at Wolverhampton Art Gallery.

Drama and performing arts

In EYFS, we embed role-play and self-expression both inside and outside the classroom. Designated role-play areas are changed with every theme so that the children have a range of different ways to explore and play.

The RWI literacy and language programme provides many opportunities for drama sessions throughout key stages 1 and 2. Pupils take part in activities such as freeze framing an aspect of a story, debating and taking on the role of a character in a story.

We employ a P.E. specialist with the help of the sports funding. The specialist teaches across all year groups once a week, as well as helping to develop the teaching skills of yoga, dance and gymnastics through on-going training for our staff.

We also plan performing arts experiences where children perform to audiences through class assemblies and annual plays.

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