While the E-ACT Passport will almost certainly not be accepted at the check in desks of most airports, it will definitely enable every one of our 18,000 pupils to take part in activities and challenges that aim to raise aspirations.

Who is the passport for?

The passport is designed for children from nursery up to the end of Year 13, and will give pupils access to life enriching activities relevant to their age groups as they graduate from one year to the next.

Passport challenges

The passport works by giving pupils the opportunity to take part in a range of challenges or have enriching experiences in line with our values of thinking big, doing the right thing and showing team spirit.

Passport challenges provide E-ACT pupils with opportunities they may not even know exist. For instance, it may be that they are challenged to walk or run two thirds of a marathon or take part in a mind relaxation course. They might even market and advertise a product!

Broadening horizons

The passport is about raising our pupils’ aspirations and confidence levels so that they believe in themselves and understand that there is nothing holding them back, including where they happen to live or their family’s experience in education.

Thinking big and breaking those glass ceilings is so important. By giving pupils access to a broader curriculum through the E-ACT Passport, we can encourage them to step out from their comfort zones, build self esteem and broaden horizons.

Don’t forget your passport…

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