Pupils will be required to complete a live morning and afternoon registration


Pupils must log in between 9am and 10am for a live registration at the times below. Work will then be set for pupils to complete throughout the day.

Year 6 9am

Year 5 9.10am

Year 4 9.20am

Year 3 9.30am

Year 2 9.40am

Year 1 9.50am

Reception 10am

Nursey will do live registration once a week on Mondays at 10am.


Year 6 12.30pm

Year 5 12.40pm

Year 4 12.50pm

Year 3 1.00pm

Year 2 1.10pm

Year 1 1.20pm

Reception 1.30pm

A member of staff will call you to check that you are able to access remote learning if you have not logged on.

We are using the same platform and log in we have used this term for homework. You can send your teachers messages via this platform too.

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