At Reedswood our curriculum fully meets statutory requirements. It is broad, balanced, progressive, exciting and designed to meet the needs of all learners. It is customised and personalised to enhance the life experiences and opportunities of our children. It supports and promotes our culture, climate, aims and ethos. Our vision and values are fundamentally at the heart of our curriculum. We promote both academic success and personal development for all groups of pupils. Our vision fully encompasses all aspects of SMSC. Our teaching is organised to support pupils growing depth of learning and understanding through:
Our key objective is to make learning enjoyable,memorable interesting and meaningful for the children we teach and our curriculum leads to outstanding outcomes and opportunities.
Our curriculum is full, rich and engaging.  We create a love of learning through trips, visitors and new experiences. This puts the theme in a context and provides opportunities to share learning with parents and peers through theme days, class assemblies and projects.
Developing core skills across the whole curriculum is a critical part of our planning, giving the children essential opportunities to practise their writing, reading and maths skills in a meaningful way.
Specific time each day is given to each class to share a rich selection of books, such as The Secret Garden, Charlie and the Chocolate factory and Journey to Johannesburg, all of which complement and enhance our literacy and language programme. Immersing our children in language and new vocabulary is key to us breaking the barriers for all learners at Reedswood.

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