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EYFS Apprentice: Mr I Hayaat

Nursery Autumn Curriculum Map

Nursery Spring Curriculum Map

Home learning

Home Learning activities week beginning 6th April:

Week 3 Learning challenges

Home Learning activities week beginning 30th March:

Online Safety-Smartie the Penguin

Week 2 Learning challenges

Week 2 – What am I clue game for speaking and listening

The Rainbow Colours Colouring Sheet

Week 2 – Through the binoculars at the zoo game Part 1

Week 2 – Through the binoculars at the zoo game Part 2

Week 2 – What am I clue game for speaking and listening



Hello everybody,

I hope you are staying safe in your house and looking after each other. Remember to keep on washing your hands and not to touch your faces. You are all super star hand-washers and know how to make germs go away!

Off to the Zoo

This week we should have been going to the zoo, so I thought you might still like to see some animals from zoo’s all around the world. If you ask your grown up nicely, they might be able to show you on their laptop, tablet or phone some different animals by going to this link:-


Don’t forget to say please and thank you to whoever helps you. Afterwards draw your favourite animal or animals to give to somebody special in your house.

All About Birds

Do you remember the different birds we have been learning about ? We met Percy, Bill and Sarah in the book Owl Babies and Geronimo the penguin who wanted to fly. Then we looked at different birds we might see in our gardens. If you go into your garden or look out of the window you could count how many different types of birds you can see and tell your grown up all about them. You might need to look at different times such as in the morning and after lunch. Have a look at the pictures on the sheet to help you remember them.

Stay healthy and happy,


Mrs Wood

Week 1 Learning challenges

Birds I have spotted

Autumn Term

Last term we had lots of fun settling into nursery, making new friends and beginning our school learning journey. Our topics were ‘Welcome to Nursery’, ‘Autumn’ and ‘Let’s Celebrate: Halloween’.

We have been learning about numbers 1-5 using Numberblocks. Our parents and carers came to join us in nursery to see some of the ways we are learning about maths at nursery.



We also enjoyed a trip to Stafford Gatehouse theatre to watch a performance of Dear Zoo.

Here are some of the books we have enjoyed:



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