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Our school year 2020-21

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Nursery children will begin Spring term with an introduction to Ten Town which will support with number formation and recognition. They will then recount, count to, select and recognise Numbers 0-5 and 0-10 dependent on their ability and development. Following this they will develop their understanding of Positional Language and learn about Environmental Shapes which involves the discovery of 2D shapes in the environment around them. The Nursery children will end the term by using Number Names accurately and beginning to Write and Correctly Form Numbers.



During Spring term, the children will begin by exploring Rhyme and Alliteration. They will then give Meaning to Marks and ascribe meaning to marks in the environment such as displays and resources. The Nursery children will also work on Recognising and Writing Their Names with an aim to develop correct letter formation.


Class Reader

Our Nursery children will have the enjoyment and pleasure to listen to a range of stories. During this time the children will have the opportunity to answer questions and engage in discussion about what they have read. See below the list of texts that the children will be listening to:

The Three Billy Goats Gruff: Ladybird First Favourite Tales by Irene Yates,  Ladybird (Paperback, 2012) for sale online | eBay The Little Red Hen: Ladybird First Favourite Tales: Amazon.co.uk: Randall,  Ronne: 8601404323317: Books The Great Race by Emily Hiles We're Going on a Bear Hunt - Wikipedia

Owl Babies: 1: Amazon.co.uk: Waddell, Martin, Benson, Patrick:  8601300416243: Books Why I Love My Mummy: Amazon.co.uk: Howarth, Daniel: Books The Scarecrows' Wedding: Amazon.co.uk: Donaldson, Julia, Scheffler, Axel:  Books Rumble in the Jungle: Amazon.co.uk: Andreae, Giles, Wojtowycz, David: Books

Giraffes Can't Dance: Amazon.co.uk: Andreae, Giles, Parker-Rees, Guy: Books Dinosaur Roar! The Tyrannosaurus rex The World of Dinosaur Roar!:  Amazon.co.uk: Willis, Jeanne, Peter Curtis: Books Dinosaur Stomp! The Triceratops by Jeanne Willis - Pan Macmillan

The Easter Story: Amazon.co.uk: Wildsmith, Brian: Books


Themes Across Curriculum

Spring term for Nursery starts with with an exploration of lots of engaging texts in Tell Me Another Story. The children will then learn about two celebrations; Chinese New Year and Mother’s Day. Moving forward into the second half of the term they will begin with Mad About Animals before progressing on to the exciting topic Dinosaur Rarrr! The children will finish the term by learning about another celebration, this time being Easter. 


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