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Wow Work

How have Nursery been impressing their teacher this week?…

The children in nursery have really impressed the nursery staff this week! Our theme is feelings and friendships and the children have been learning all about sharing and how to use our manners. The children are using their Makaton signs to say please and thank you. It has been delightful to see the children thrive in their new environment and begin to make new friends. The children have used mirrors to make self-portraits of themselves using a variety of different materials, this has helped the children to recognise the different parts of their bodies. The children have really enjoyed exploring the different areas within the nursery and getting to know the staff.


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Our school year 2021-22

We have been learning lots of interesting things throughout this year! Click on the links below to see what we have covered so far:

Nursery Medium Term Plan Autumn 2021-2022

Nursery Medium Term Plan Spring 2021-2022

Nursery Medium Term Plan Summer 2021-2022

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