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PE DAY: Friday

HOMEWORK: Wednesday, Return Tuesday.

Reading diary and book to be in school everyday.




SUPPORT STAFF: Mrs A Gumber & Mr I Hayaat

PE DAY: Friday

HOMEWORK: Wednesday, Return Tuesday.

Reading diary and book to be in school everyday.

WOW Work

How have Reception been impressing their teachers this week?…

RLT – Ruqayyah and Khadijah in RLT have really impressed me by using what they have been learning in phonics to independently write sentences during child initiated learning.


Our school year 2020-21



At the beginning of Autumn term, Reception children will begin with a strong focus on Reading and Writing Numbers. This focus will help build the foundations that the children will need for the rest of their journey through Mathematics in Reception. Progressing forward, Reception will also get the opportunity to explore More and Less Than, the introduction of 2D Shapes, Positional Language and a variety of opportunities to expand their knowledge of Addition and Subtraction. Through Addition and Subtraction, the children will utilise a range of pictorial and concrete resources such as Numicon and Ten Town. This will develop their number recognition and support the children to understand the processes of adding and subtracting before being presented with basic Arithmetic sums.



In Reception, the children will be closely following the RWI Phonics scheme. Here the children will develop their Phonetic knowledge, each activity being tailored to every child’s specific Phonetic ability.

The children will be working on hearing the initial sound sounds in words and will also progress on to using their skills to read and write basic CVC words. For further and more detailed information regarding how Phonics works here at Reedswood, please click here to find out more!


Class Reader

Throughout Autumn, Reception will have the enjoyment and pleasure of listening to a plethora of stories. Here the children will engage in open discussions with their teachers and peers about what they have read. Here is a list of the fantastic stories our children will be listening to:

Harry and the Dinosaurs Go to School: Amazon.co.uk: Whybrow, Ian, Reynolds, Adrian: 9781856132343: BooksThe Very Helpful Hedgehog: Amazon.co.uk: Rosie Wellesley: BooksLeaf Man (Ala Notable Children's Books): Amazon.co.uk: Ehlert, Lois: BooksPumpkin Soup] [by: Helen Cooper]: Amazon.co.uk: Books

The Princess and the Wizard by Julia Donaldson, Lydia Monks | WaterstonesWinnie the Witch: Amazon.co.uk: Thomas, Valerie, Paul, Korky: 9780192726438: BooksRoom on the Broom by Julia Donaldson: 9780142501122 | PenguinRandomHouse.com: BooksRama and Sita: The Story of Diwali: Amazon.co.uk: Doyle, Malachy, Corr, Christopher: 9781472954695: Bookszucker jonny - lighting a lamp a diwali story - AbeBooks

Whatever Next! by Jill Murphy | WaterstonesAliens Love Underpants Ready to Read: Amazon.co.uk: Freedman, Claire, Cort, Ben: 9781471163333: BooksMog's Christmas Calamity: Amazon.co.uk: Kerr, Judith: BooksThe Nativity Story (Candle Bible for Kids): Amazon.co.uk: Juliet David, Jo Parry, Jo Parry: Books


Themes Across the Curriculum

During the Autumn term, the children will begin with the focus of ‘Welcome to Reception’. Here the children will get the opportunity to settle into the new routines and develop their understanding of the rules and expectations from within their classes. They will then progress to ‘Falling Leaves’ where they will get to explore how the leaves fall off the trees during Autumn. Following this the children get to engage with ‘Hocus Pocus’ which involves becoming witches and wizards and making potions! The children then get to explore the topic ‘Let’s Celebrate Diwali’ and ‘Bonfire Night’. Reception children will then get the exciting opportunity to become astronauts and learn about ‘Landing on the Moon’ before finishing the term enjoying lots of festive fun with ‘Let’s Celebrate Christmas’!

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