Our Year 1 children have been working incredibly hard this year! Have a look below to see some of the amazing things they have done…


We tested 5 different papers to see which one was best at absorbing, mopping up and writing on. We found that the kitchen paper was the best for absorbing water and the grease proof paper did not let any water through. it stayed as a droplet on the sample.

1SN – Well done Muskaan, you knew the multiples of 10!

1SN – Morgan created a great piece of spiral artwork using oil pastels.

This week during maths we were looking at money. We were given different amounts of money and could buy different things from the shop.

This week we had a special group perform for us. We watched King Arthur it was very funny and we had lots of laughs.

We have been taking part in Yoga Buds during our PE sessions. This week we created movement to an Egyptian story.

Well done Year 1, you were all wonderful on our trip!

1PG – We had fun in D&T creating bases for our windmill topic

1SN – Well done to Declan who wrote a super recount of our tea party!

1PG – This week year 1 have been plotting dates on a timeline. We know that history teaches us all about the past. We read a book called Peepo by Allan Ahlberg which showed us how different life was in the 1940s. Dad had a bucket of coal to make a fire, there was no washing machine and the toilet was outside in the yard!

In Year One we have been learning about where we live. We have found out that the United Kingdom is made up of four countries. We have identified the UK on a world map and labelled England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales on a map of the UK.


Ruqayyah really impressed us with her wanted poster. She used capital letters to start her sentences and full stops to end it – well done!

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