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Welcome Parents and Visitors to our Year 2 page! Here you can find out what we have been learning, see some of our WOW work and hear all about where we have been or who has come to visit us each term. Enjoy!



SUPPORT STAFF: Mrs J Kaur, Mrs S Hussain

PE DAY: Tuesday & Friday

HOMEWORK: Friday, return Wednesday



 TEACHER’S NAME: Mrs E Bayliss

SUPPORT STAFF: Miss N Akhtar, Miss S Banks

PE DAY: Tuesday & Friday

HOMEWORK: Friday, return Wednesday

Our  school year 2018-19




Our class reader

2EB – Baba Yaga

‘Natasha is sent into the dark forest to visit Baba Yaga, she has a very bad feeling about it…’

This term we have been reading all about the evil witch Baba Yaga and the brave young girl Natasha who visits her. As we have been reading the story we have been answering a range of comprehension questions to develop our understanding.

2LP – Twelve Dancing Princesses.

‘The King has almost given up hope. Princes, Knights and Squires have failed to solve the mystery. Can Tramper do it?..’

This term we have been reading about the twelve Princesses who keep getting holes in their slippers and the boy who tries to uncover their secret. We have really enjoyed reading this story and answering the different comprehension questions that came with it.

New 2016 National Curriculum Parent Information for year 2.

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