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PE DAY: Thursday & Friday

HOMEWORK: Friday, return following Friday



 TEACHER’S NAME: Miss C Grainger


PE DAY: Thursday & Friday

HOMEWORK: Friday, return following Friday


How have Year 2 been impressing their teachers this week?…

2LP – Mr Peatroy is very impressed with Farah who wrote a fantastic recount of our immersion day from the past in school!

How have Year 2 impressed in the past weeks?

Mr Peatroy has been really impressed with Jada, who demonstrated a fantastic ability to sew for the first time during DT!


Our  school year 2020-21

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Along with the rest of the academy, Year 2 will be following the Collin’s Mathematics Scheme, coupled with focuses on problem solving, fluency and mastery, some of which can be found on the engaging and well-crafted White Rose Maths website.

During the first half of the Spring term, Year 2 will be exploring place value, the properties of shapes, measurement with a focus on mass and then looking at a range of new formal and informal methods within addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. 

Year 2 will then progress in the latter half of the term onto organising data in statistics, a range of different fractions and a further exploration of measurements, this time looking at volume and capacity.



Year 2 will be following the Literacy and Language scheme, which offers the children vast opportunities to write at length, whilst exploring quality texts. Children will also be undertaking writing opportunities focused on their Class Readers, information of which can be found below.

In the Spring term Year 2 will have the opportunity to write a diary entry in their fiction focus before moving on to an exploration of formal and informal language in their non-fiction focus. Then will then progress to another fictional topic where they will be writing a fairy tale before finishing the term with a final non-fiction focus of writing instructions.

Coupled with these exciting writing opportunities, the children will also get the chance to write a variety of pieces based around their class reader, which this term is ‘Meerkat Mail’.


Class reader

Meerkat Mail: Amazon.co.uk: Gravett, Emily: Books

Throughout the Spring term, Year 2 will be reading Emily Gravett’s story ‘Meerkat Mail’. The children will also be undertaking a range of comprehension activities aimed at enhancing their ability to find and understand key vocabulary, inferring meaning from what they have read, predicting character’s actions or what may happen next, explaining their understanding of what they have read, retrieving key information from the story and being able to sequence or summarise their reading.



Year 2 will start the term engaging in the topic ‘Weather Experts/Climates Around the World’. During this topic the children will learn about the 5 climate zones, explore different weather patterns and discover how climates differ around the world.

They will then move on to the captivating topic of ‘Moon landings’! Here the children will get to learn about how the astronauts got to the moon, why it was such an important event whilst also exploring the significant individual Neil Armstrong.

Some key vocabulary for these areas of Humanities are:

Weather Experts/Climates Around the World: Atlas, Arid, Artic, Cloudy, Climate, Compare, Continent, Country, Desert, Different, Distance, Dry, East, Europe, Equator, Globe, Ice, Land, Mediterranean, Mountain, Natural, North Pole, Ocean, Polar, Rain, Sea, Similar, Snow, South Pole, Soil, Sun, Temperate, Temperature, Tropical, Warm, Weather, West, United Kingdom

Moon landings: change, history, timeline, chronology, moon landing, history, decade, Neil Armstrong, explorer, astronauts, space, present, past, knowledge, significance, sequence



Science in Year 2 during the Spring term will be focused on the topic ‘The Apprentice Gardener’. Throughout this topic the children will get to complete a ‘bean diary’, monitoring the growth of a bean seed over the span of the term. They will also learn about the process of germination and what factors a seed needs in order to grow healthily.



Children in Year 2 will be following the expertly scripted and age appropriate Jigsaw PHSE Curriculum Scheme. In Spring term Year 2 will focus on ‘Dreams and Goals’ followed by ‘Healthy Me’. 



In RE this year, Year 2 will be enjoying the opportunity to look at a range of religions. The children will begin Spring term by looking at ‘Special Objects’ followed by the ‘Chinese New Year’. They will then move to a focus of Christianity where they will explore the ‘Christian Rites of Passage’.



In Autumn term, Year 2’s Art focus will have a range of focuses which includes ‘drawing cartoon characters’, ‘making Monday’ and ‘making animal masks’. During DT the children will get the opportunity to explore ‘flying kites’.

National Curriculum Parent Information for year 2.

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