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PE DAY: Thursday & Friday

HOMEWORK: Friday, return following Friday



 TEACHER’S NAME: Miss C Grainger


PE DAY: Thursday & Friday

HOMEWORK: Friday, return following Friday


How have Year 2 been impressing their teachers this week?…

Mr Peatroy has been really impressed with Jada, who demonstrated a fantastic ability to sew for the first time during DT!


Our  school year 2020-21





Along with the rest of the academy, Year 2 will be following the Collin’s Mathematics Scheme, coupled with focuses on problem solving, fluency and mastery, some of which can be found on the engaging and well-crafted White Rose Maths website.

Across Maths in Autumn we will be looking at place value, reading and writing numbers in numerals and words, addition and subtraction with a range of methods including mental arithmetic, 2D and 3D shapes, Fractions of shape and number, measuring, ordering and comparing lengths, multiplying and dividing mentally and using informal methods, patterns and sequences of shape, co-ordinates, a range of different times and making different combinations of money.



Due to not completing the Phonic Screen test in Year One, our fabulous Year 2’s will be undertaking Phonics lessons in place of our usual Literacy lessons this term. Children will be following the RWI Phonic scheme that is followed in Year 1. All activities will be differentiated and targeted at the specific child’s Phonetic ability.


Class reader

Throughout Autumn we will be reading ‘The Day the Crayon’s Quit’. The children will be gradually reading through the story, focusing on a different crayon at a time. The children will also be undertaking a range of comprehension activities aimed at enhancing their ability to find and understand key vocabulary, inferring meaning from what they have read, predicting character’s actions or what may happen next, explaining their understanding of what they have read, retrieving key information from the story and being able to sequence or summarise their reading.



In Autumn Year 2 will be looking at two areas of interest – ‘Our School and the Local Area’ which offers a blend of Geography and History throughout. Children will also get the opportunity to look at the local significant individual; Sister Dora. 

Year 2 will also be undertaking ‘Changes in Living Memory’. This History focused area will offer the children the chance to explore how a range of things such as technology, transport, school and more has changed and progressed from the past to the present. Year 2’s significant individual for this topic of focus will be Queen Elizabeth II.

Some key vocabulary for these areas of Humanities are:

Our School and the Local Area: Change, chronological, local, past, present, significance, impact, Sister Dora, nurse, similarities, differences, compare, Walsall, United Kingdom, England, West Midlands, Black Country, industrial, landmark, local, houses, detached, semi-detached, bungalow, flats, school, area, human geography, physical geography, rural.

Changes in Living Memory: after, approximately, before, chronology, current, differences, during, era, handmade, new, now, often, old, past, present, similarity, then, usually, impact, progression, monarchy, Queen Elizabeth II, royalty.



Year 2 will be enjoying the chance to explore two interesting areas of focus this term. The first focus is ‘What is in your habitat?’. Year 2 will learn about a range of habitats and micro-habitats including the animals that live there. This will also include life cycles and the opportunity to picture and observe minibeasts in our forest school area.

The second focus will be ‘Growing Up’. Here children will get to learn about the different stages of an animal and human’s life as well as discussing the key needs that we have for survival i.e. oxygen, food, water, etc.



Children in Year 2 will be following the expertly scripted and age appropriate Jigsaw PHSE Curriculum Scheme. In Autumn term Year 2’s focus for PHSE will be ‘Being me into the World’ and ‘Celebrating Difference’.



In RE this year, Year 2 will be enjoying the opportunity to look at a range of religions. During Autumn term, the children will be looking at the Christian faith with a focus of ‘What did Jesus teach us?’ before moving onto Sikhism, answering the question ‘What do Sikh’s celebrate?’. 



In Autumn term, Year 2’s Art focus will have a range of focuses which includes ‘Making boats which float’, ‘Colour wheel’, ‘Rainbows and waves for grey days’ and a ‘Minibeasts collage’. During DT the children will get the opportunity to explore a range of design techniques involved in the ‘Delightful decorations’ focus.

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