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PE DAY: Tuesday and Friday

HOMEWORK: Monday, return Friday




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PE DAY: Tuesday and Friday

HOMEWORK: Monday, return Friday

How have Year 4 been impressing their teachers this week?…

4WC – William wrote a great sentence in his final paragraph – ‘As they were leaving the fair, the magical  fireworks echoed in the distance.’

4KR – 4KR have designed and made their own Christmas stockings! They used overstitch and running stitch to join the felt pieces together and they have added festive embellishments to complete them. They are now ready to hang up for Father Christmas!

How have Year 4 been impressing in the past weeks?

4KR – Carlos has done an amazing Ancient Greek model at home. It is a model of a temple with picture of the Gods attached and lots of information about the gods. A fabulous project completed at home !

4WC – Phoebe has done some great work at home on the Greek gods, which includes a fact file and a mosaic. Annabelle has done a lovely power point on Space.


Our  school year 2020-21

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Along with the rest of the academy, Year 4 will be following the Collin’s Mathematics Scheme, coupled with focuses on problem solving, fluency and mastery, some of which can be found on the engaging and well-crafted White Rose Maths website.

During the Autumn term, Year 4 will be having a strong focus on Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division. Throughout this focus, they will be exploring a range of formal and informal methods across a blend of arithmetic and written word problems. They will then explore the Properties of Shape in Geometry. Following this in the second half of the term, Year 4 will be moving on to developing their knowledge of Fractions and Decimals, exploring Statistics and finishing the term looking at Length, Perimeter and Area in Measurement. 



Year 4 will be following the Literacy and Language scheme, which offers the children vast opportunities to write at length, whilst exploring quality texts. Children will also be undertaking writing opportunities focused on their Class Readers, information of which can be found below.

In Spring, Year 4 will get the chance to write a Narrative across two fictional topics. They will also get the opportunity to explore an Advice Leaflet and an Explanation Text in their non-fiction focuses.

Coupled with these exciting writing opportunities, the children will also get the chance to write a variety of pieces based around their class reader, which this term is ‘The Butterfly Lion’. 


Class Reader

The Butterfly Lion - Michael Morpurgo

In Spring term, our Year 4 children will explore Michael Morpurgo’s The Butterfly Lion. The children will also be undertaking a range of comprehension activities aimed at enhancing their ability to find and understand key vocabulary, inferring meaning from what they have read, predicting character’s actions or what may happen next, explaining their understanding of what they have read, retrieving key information from the story and being able to summarise their reading.



This term, Year 4 will begin with a geographical focus by learning about ‘Spain’. In this topic the children will learn about which continent Spain is located in, discover the cities and coastal areas, explore the human and physical landmarks and much more.

Following that, the children will begin their study of the Tudors’. Here they will learn about how the Tudors came to power, create a Tudor family tree of royalty, discover the origins of the Church of England before a significant individual focus on Henry VIII.

Some key vocabulary for this area of humanities:

Spain: Airport, capital city, city, climate, continent, country, distribution, economy, Europe, European, farm, features, hill, hotel, house, humid, landscape, physical, population, rainfall,  region, rural, seasons, skyscrapers, temperature, tourism, tourist, town, urban, village, weather

Tudors: Aristocracy, artefact, century, church, Christianity, chronology, court, discovery, execution, explorer, global, interpretation, king/queen, monarchy, monastery, pope, primary/secondary evidence, revolt, traitor, treason



Science in Spring term for Year 4 begins with ‘Where does all that food go?’. In this area of science the children will look at where food goes once it is eaten, learn about the digestive system and discover the different types of teeth and their functions. After this topic, Year 4 will move on to ‘Who am I?’. During this topic they will explore the classification of living things, the habitats of those living things and discovering what vertebrates and invertebrates are.



Children in Year 4 will be following the expertly scripted and age appropriate Jigsaw PHSE Curriculum Scheme. In Spring term Year 4’s focus for PHSE will be ‘Dreams and Goals’ and ‘Healthy Me’. 



In RE this year, Year 4 will be enjoying the opportunity to look at a range of religions. During Spring term, the children will begin with a focus on Islam, exploring the ‘Islamic rites of passage’. They will then move to a focus of Christianity and will answer the question ‘Why is Easter important to Christians?’.



During Art this term, Year 4 will have two areas of focus which will be ‘Dragons and Birds in Eggs’ and ‘Wax Resist with Coloured Inks’. The children will then move to their DT work and this will be based upon ‘British Inventors’. 


National Curriculum Parent Information for year 4.

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