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TEACHER’S NAME: Mrs P Beresford


PE DAY: Monday & Wednesday

HOMEWORK: Monday, return Monday




SUPPORT STAFF: Miss G Cross & Mr S Ruscoe

PE DAY: Monday & Wednesday

HOMEWORK: Monday, return Monday

How have Year 5 been impressing their teachers this week?…

5PB – Mrs Beresford is very impressed with Maria for her super behaviour, politeness and helpfulness in class.

5HT – Here are some wonderful home projects created on Year 5’s WWII topic!


Our  school year 2020-21



Along with the rest of the academy, Year 5 will be following the Collin’s Mathematics Scheme, coupled with focuses on problem solving, fluency and mastery, some of which can be found on the engaging and well-crafted White Rose Maths website.

Through the beginning of Autumn term, Year 5 will have a strong focus on Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division. The children will explore a variety of formal and informal methods across all of these Mathematical areas, whilst solving a range of arithmetic and written word problems. Year 5 will then progress later in the term onto the Properties of Shape before rounding off the term engaging and furthering their knowledge of Fractions and Decimals.



Year 5 will be following the Literacy and Language scheme, which offers the children vast opportunities to write at length, whilst exploring quality texts. Children will also be undertaking writing opportunities focused on their Class Readers, information of which can be found below.

During Autumn term, Year 5 will begin their Literacy journey by exploring the writing of a Story From Another Culture in their fictional topic. Children will then move onto their non-fiction writing focus of Writing a Trailer Script. Following this, Year 5 will have the opportunity to engage with another fictional writing focus, this time being Narrative (Traditional Tales) before finishing the term writing Instructions in their final non-fiction topic.

As previously stated, Year 5 children will also get to explore a variety of writing opportunities with their Class Reader, which this term is ‘Goodnight Mr Tom’.


Class Reader

This term, our Year 5’s will have the pleasure of reading ‘Goodnight Mr Tom’ written by the fantastic Michelle Magorian. The children will also be undertaking a range of comprehension activities aimed at enhancing their ability to find and understand key vocabulary, inferring meaning from what they have read, predicting character’s actions or what may happen next, explaining their understanding of what they have read, retrieving key information from the story and being able to summarise their reading.



This term, our Year 5 children will be learning about World War II in a blend of History and Geography focused activities. Through this incredibly engaging and informative topic, Year 5 will get the opportunity to imagine what it was like to experience an air raid, explore a variety of primary and secondary evidence to find out why the war began, who was involved, the chronology of events, look at key battles and much more!

Some key vocabulary for this area of humanities:

Causation, agriculture, artefact, century, change, chronology, decade, Democracy, emigrant, empire, global, immigrant, international, interpretation, King, Queen, long ago, oral history, parliament, past, evidence, republic, Secondary evidence, significance.



Year 5 will begin Autumn term with the topic ‘Feeling the Force’. Here the children will look at measuring forces, explore how a range of objects fall and move, the processes required to lift heavy objects and more. Children will then progress onto ‘Get Sorted’ where they will order, sort and arrange a variety of materials. Year 5 will then finish the the term looking at ‘Everyday Materials’. This involves exploring the materials needed for certain things such as buildings, bags, plates and more.



Children in Year 4 will be following the expertly scripted and age appropriate Jigsaw PHSE Curriculum Scheme. In Autumn term Year 4’s focus for PHSE will be ‘Being me into the World’ and ‘Celebrating Difference’.



In RE this year, Year 5 will be enjoying the opportunity to look at a range of religions. They will begin exploring Islam, being posed with the question Why is Muhammad Important to Muslims? They will then progress onto Belief in our Community, discovering the different faiths that are followed within school and the community.



During Art this term, Year 5 will begin with a sketchbook exploration, then look at supersize jewellery, the drawing focused topic of show me what you see and finishing with sculptures with personality. The children will then get the opportunity to engage with fashion and textiles in DT.


National Curriculum Parent Information for year 5.

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