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TEACHER’S NAME: Mrs P Beresford


PE DAY: Monday & Wednesday

HOMEWORK: Monday, return Monday




SUPPORT STAFF: Miss G Cross & Mr S Ruscoe

PE DAY: Monday & Wednesday

HOMEWORK: Monday, return Monday

How have Year 5 been impressing their teachers this week?…

5PB – Mrs Beresford says a big well done to Nishawan who achieved a fantastic score in his maths test.

5HT – Crystal in 5HT is a fabulous friend to all children. This half term she has been helping myself more than ever and supporting children who need help. I am very proud to teach her and have her as a member of our class.

How have Year 5 been impressing in the past weeks?

5PB – Mrs Beresford is very impressed with Maria for her super behaviour, politeness and helpfulness in class.

5HT – Here are some wonderful home projects created on Year 5’s WWII topic!


Our  school year 2020-21

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Along with the rest of the academy, Year 5 will be following the Collin’s Mathematics Scheme, coupled with focuses on problem solving, fluency and mastery, some of which can be found on the engaging and well-crafted White Rose Maths website.

Through the beginning of Spring term, Year 5 will have a strong focus on Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division. The children will explore a variety of formal and informal methods across all of these Mathematical areas, whilst solving a range of arithmetic and written word problems. Year 5 will then progress later in the term onto the Properties of Shape before rounding off the term engaging and furthering their knowledge of Fractions and Decimals.



Year 5 will be following the Literacy and Language scheme, which offers the children vast opportunities to write at length, whilst exploring quality texts. Children will also be undertaking writing opportunities focused on their Class Readers, information of which can be found below.

During Spring term, Year 5 will begin with a fictional focus where they will undertake the writing of a ‘Diary Entry’. Following this they will get the opportunity to write a ‘Newspaper Recount’ in their non-fiction topic. In the second half of the term, the children will write a fictional ‘Narrative’ and finish with a ‘Biography’ in another non-fictional topic.

As previously stated, Year 5 children will also get to explore a variety of writing opportunities with their Class Reader, which this term is ‘Brightstorm’.


Class Reader

Brightstorm: A Sky-Ship Adventure Sky Ship Adventure 1: Amazon.co.uk:  Hardy, Vashti: Books

This term, our Year 5’s will have the opportunity to engage with Vashti Hardy’s ‘Brightstorm’. The children will also be undertaking a range of comprehension activities aimed at enhancing their ability to find and understand key vocabulary, inferring meaning from what they have read, predicting character’s actions or what may happen next, explaining their understanding of what they have read, retrieving key information from the story and being able to summarise their reading.



This term, our Year 5 children will begin with a local study of Walsall. Here the children will locate Walsall on a map using grid references, explore the physical and human features, investigate census data and understand the impact the leather industry had on Walsall.

Following this they will then move on to the study of Australia. During this topic the children will draw comparisons between Australia and Walsall, look at the human and physical features including key landmarks, identify what continent Australia is located in and more.

Some key vocabulary for this area of humanities:

country, continent, sea, ocean, census, data, leather, industry, growth, decline, canal, railway, factory, primary sources, secondary sources, census, decade, population



Year 5 will begin the term exploring ‘Marvellous Mixtures’. During this focus the children will look at how to separate mixtures, understand how different factors can affect how fast solids such as sugar can dissolve, discover how to purify materials and more! Following this, they will engage with ‘The Earth and Beyond’. In this topic they will look at what is in space, understand how the seasons work and how the sun helps us measure time.



Children in Year 5 will be following the expertly scripted and age appropriate Jigsaw PHSE Curriculum Scheme. In Autumn term Year 5’s focus for PHSE will be ‘Dreams and Goals’ and ‘Healthy Me’. 



In RE this year, Year 5 will be enjoying the opportunity to look at a range of religions. They will begin the term with Buddhism by exploring ‘Buddhist Worship and Beliefs’. The children will then move on to a focus of Christianity where they will discover the ‘Stories of Christianity’. 



During Art this term, Year 5 will get the opportunity to develop their artistic skills with a variety of focuses such as ‘Inspired by Miro: Automatic Drawing, Collage and Sculpture’ and ‘Flat Yet Sculptural: Drawing, Collage and Sculpture’. Following this, Year 5 will progress on to DT where they will explore ‘Great British Dishes’. 


National Curriculum Parent Information for year 5.

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