Our Year 6 children have been working incredibly hard this year! Have a look below to see some of the amazing things they have done…

6BH – Adil, we are so impressed of your writing in English. You always include all the appropriate elements to make your writing the best it can be. In this piece of writing, you have understood how language and vocabulary can be changed in order to change the atmosphere and setting. Well done and keep up the hard work!


6HL – It has been lovely to see everyone on the live teaching sessions this week and we continue to be impressed by your hard work and dedication.

A massive well done to Anoosha, who has shown a growing understanding of the ratio and proportion work we have completed this week. She has persevered to complete the tasks and worked hard to solve the problems.

Also, we would like to say well done to Bilal, who wrote a super balanced argument about a key moment in our class reader.

6BH – Sufyan, your work for PSHE is super. Your advice was excellent, and it really portrays your personality. Well done Sufyan. Keep up the hard work!

6RF – Below are some examples of the fluency work we do each day, where the children get 6 questions to answer. These are from Safyaan. Here is also an example of the children’s PSHE work from last week, where they were asked to be Agony Aunts and give some advice. This work is by Aleena.


6BH – Aalene and Wahhab have written a fantastic setting description of Paris, which is linked to the class reader we are studying at the moment. Their choice of language, their choice of sentences and their overall effort was super. Keep it up guys 🙂

6HL – Another super week 6HL and it is lovely to see so many of you joining our live teaching sessions. Keep up the amazing effort! A special well done to Kai, who wrote a brilliant police report in our English lesson. He used some super description in his writing.

6RF – Well done to Safyaan for this algebraic number sequence work and Alex who he needed to continue a conversation between two characters in our book!


6HL – Miss Lowbridge and Mrs Sweet would like to say a massive well done to everyone in 6HL for joining our live teaching sessions each day and to those children completing learning on Google Classroom. Your effort is amazing, and the quality of work being produced is fantastic. Here is an internal monologue written by Bilal. It really demonstrates a super understanding of the character’s inner thoughts and feelings. Well done!

6BH – I am so impressed with the work Sufyan and Adil are completing. They are completing every task, which has been set and to a high standard. Well done. Keep it up!

6RF – Well done to Jay for hid BODMAS Maths work and Aleena for her RE work about showing gratitude!


6RF – Here is a letter about Judaism by Sahil, Pandora writing by Alex and Maths by Aleena. All three children are showing a great level of determination to get all of their work done. All three of these children ask valid questions during live sessions and post comments on the class stream. To use Alex’s words, he is finding the work challenging but knows it is not impossible so he can find the answers.



6BH – Mrs Woodward and Mr Hussain would like to say a huge well done to all of 6BH, for their determination and hard work. We are so impressed of you.

This is a fantastic portrait of Queen Victoria, which was done by Alisha. Well done.

6HL – A superb portrait of Queen Victoria by Diana.

6HL – In 6HL, we have been extremely impressed with the writing produced from Rehan and Bradley this week. They have both been very creative and have written some fantastic pieces of work in response to the Literacy Shed film ‘Soar’. We can’t wait to read their final drafts on Monday!

6HL – Miss Lowbridge is very impressed with Nimrah and Diana, who have made super progress with their reading understanding.

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