Attend today, achieve tomorrow…

Here at Reedswood, we work closely with our children and parents to instil the value of punctuality and understanding the importance of attending school as regularly as possible. High and regular attendance can improve children’s physical and mental well-being and helps us ensure our children reach their full potential. We work incredibly hard to ensure our children have the fundamental skills to succeed in life – but this can only be achieved if our children are in school.


“One day can’t hurt… can it?” – Well, actually it can!


Below is a table showing how much children can miss out on through absence during a term – even if it is just one day! 

PercentageDays OffLessons Missed
87.5%5 (one school week)25

Imagine how much learning your child can lose during those missed lessons. This also doesn’t include all of the social interactions, key assemblies and other experiences children can only gain from being in school.

We want our children to take pride in their attendance and strive for 100%. We also recognise that our children need to be rewarded for their high or improved attendance…


So what can I get for being an Attendance Star?

  • Freshly baked cakes straight from our wonderful school kitchen for the class with the highest attendance for the term!
  • Super fun ‘Pool Party’ for our Reception and KS1 children with 100% attendance for the term!
  • Exciting trip to the cinema for our KS2 children for children with 100% attendance for the term!
  • Delicious ‘Afternoon Tea’ with Mrs Lathbury-Cox for children with the most improved attendance for the term!
  • A special trip for our children with 100% attendance for the WHOLE YEAR  which in the past has been locations such as the ‘Snowdome’, ‘InflataNation’ and more!


What can we do to help?

We understand there can always be special circumstances, illnesses or worries that you feel may prevent your child from attending school.

We are here to help you

We want to work with you – not against you. So let’s work together to ensure your children can ‘reach for the stars’ and achieve their full potential. If you have any questions, our Attendance Officer; Mrs Busby, will be more than happy to talk to you.

Come and visit us!

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