How to apply for a place

Reedswood E-ACT Primary Academy is part of the co-ordinated admissions arrangements operated by Walsall Council and the Local Fair Access Protocol.
For Year Nursery and Reception admissions the Council will co-ordinate admissions, allocate places to the academy and inform families.

Parents/carers should apply using Walsall Council’s schools’ admission process and are not required to complete a Supplementary Information Form to apply for a place.



Mid-year admissions

For children wishing to move to the academy during the academic year, or outside of the normal transfer phase these are known as ‘mid-year’ admissions.

Mid-year applications can now be made directly to our academy or Walsall LA.

Our academy uses Walsall Local Authority Mid-Year admission application forms and these can be obtained by contacting us on 01922 721323. Once completed this must be returned directly to our academy.

Our academy will then liaise directly with parents/carer and the local authority as required. Parents/carers will have the right to appeal a decision should their child be refused a place.

We encourage parents/carers to ensure that their child continues to attend their named school until they officially join Reedswood.

Number of places available:

Reedswood E-ACT Primary Academy has a maximum of 60 places available to Reception children.

Admission Criteria:

If the number of applications exceeds the Admission number, places will be allocated in the following order:

1. Children in Public Care (looked after children)
2. Pupils who have an older sibling already in attendance at the school at the proposed time of admission.
3. Pupils for whom a place at the school is essential on medical or social grounds as supported in writing by a medical practitioner or social worker (applications will be subject to verification by the Managing Director, Children’s Services Education).
4. Distance between the home address and the school as measured in a straight line, with those living closer to the school receiving the higher priority.



The Department for Education’s appeals code can be found here.

Key Documents

Admissions-Policy Reedswood 2019-20

Primary Admissions Information for Parents Booklet 2019_1

Walsall Mid-year Admissions

Please see below for more information on our admissions policy:


Admissions Policy

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